Frankfurt, Germany


Frankfurt is the largest city in the federal state of Hesse. Frankfurt in Germany is popular for hosting the largest publishing, automobile, music industry shows, industrial expos and fairs. Apart from being an alpha world city, Frankfurt is also the economic and business centre of Europe. 


Frankfurt experiences a temperate-oceanic climate with the average temperature sticking around 14.8°C and 6.2°C during the summers and winters respectively. 

People and Religions 

With 22.7% of the total population (736,414) in the city practising Roman Catholicism, Frankfurt is dominated by Catholics followed by Protestants, Muslims and Jewish respectively. 


Though the official language of Frankfurt is German but the German spoken in Frankfurt sounds different as the people actually speak the Frankfurterisch dialect which shares a resemblance with Hessisch dialect. 


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Major Attractions

  • Staedel Museum: The museum has preserved the finest art of different styles from different periods. The description just next to the painting helps you to understand the painting in a comprehensive manner by providing one with an overview of its history and importance. 

  • Palmengarten: This garden in Frankfurt spread over 50 acres of land is a great place to enjoy a moment of silence and peace while gazing the nature in its best form. 

  • German Film Museum (Deutsches Filmmuseum): The place celebrates the glorious history of film making and serves as the venue for various film screenings.