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The list of German music festivals is long for 2020, but the best German festivals to watch out for are the star-studded film festivals. Rock'n "roll fans should write down their diaries for this year's Berlin Film Festival and the Ringbebe Ring Music Festival. If you are on your way to Stuttgart to listen to electronic music, you should not miss this evening.

Since their foundation in 1997, these twin festivals have been important dates in the German festival circus. Keep an eye on them during their performances, and that means they really rank according to the people who buy tickets. When I make my list of the best festivals in Germany, I always leave cultural festivals out of it, because they could well be more important than German music festivals put together.

When my mother, father and brother were born in Frankfurt in 1959-61, this document was everything it contained.

I remember looking out the window and thinking that East Germany looked exactly like West Germany, just lots of farms and small towns. Berlin itself was still divided into Soviet, American, British and French zones, and Berlin was in what became the Soviet zone. When I walked around downtown Frankfurt or stood on a crowded shopping cart, the Germans attacked me.

EBM, it also caused a seismic shift in the electronic music landscape, but for the members of the Frankfurt Hot Club, the threat outweighed their risks as they repeatedly tried to circumvent the Nazi ban. Freund and Schopf moved to Berlin, continued the project alone and found a new home in the Berlin underground music scene, the Berlin Electronic Music Festival.

There were a few key labels in Frankfurt that could drive the scene forward, but in 1987 a rotating mix of collaborations and experiments included the most important electronic music releases from the Frankfurt Hot Club.

As a teacher at the university, he was attracted to the international artistic scene such as John Schumann, Karl Schumacher and Albert Einstein. He was also a member of the EBM Group, founded in Frankfurt in 1988 and headed by Markus Nikolai.

The organization controlled all aspects of the music industry in Nazi Germany, and its representatives monitored all music scenes to ensure that only state-approved music was played. No concessions were made to the Nazi regime, such as a ban on the use of Nazi symbols in music or state censorship of music.

The festival also has artists from different backgrounds, so you have many opportunities to easily decide where you want to get lost. If you are looking for a festival, find out what it looks like and search for music from all over the world, not only in Germany but also in other parts of Europe. Doies tend to house and techno, while I'm more of a techno and house fan, with a bit of electronic music in between.

Frankfurt is one of the five largest cities in Germany and is located in the city of Frankfurt, a word that plays around a bit, but is also home to the world's own Oktoberfest to honor the best Bavarian cultural creators. More than six million people flock to the city every year to drink abundant German beer and ride numerous exciting rides. The best German Christmas market takes place in Frankfurt on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

Frankly, music is just as important as Oktoberfest itself, and that can be explained at least in part by the festival. DJ sets that go beyond the normal. In fact, there are bands playing live music in the many huge beer halls that make up this festival.

Germany has a thriving music scene that caters to all tastes, and beer is the genre, and although some Germans are clearly inclined to electronic music, there are festivals for every imaginable genre in Germany. The much-celebrated Beethoven Festival, for example, offers music from all over the world, but Germany has its own version of the festival.

Previous headliners have included Ariana Grande, Aly & the Angerfists, Katy Perry and the Foo Fighters. The festival brings together artists from the US and Europe, such as Robin Thicke, but in the past has featured some of the biggest names in the world, including David Bowie, David Guetta, Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake and others.

The IEMA format, developed especially for this target group, includes live performances by artists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the USA and Great Britain, as well as a large number of other countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China and South Africa.

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